16 October 2019

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  The PPP Act and the Concession Act
The PPP Act and the Concession Act announced in the Officiel

You can download the PPP Act here.

The PPP Act resolved by the Parliament on the 19th December 2008 and the Concession Act resolved by the Parliament on the 9th January 2009 were announced in the Officiel No.19 on the 5th February 2009.
The Concession Law came into force on the 20th February 2009, the PPP Law came into force on the 27th February 2009.

There is a strict relation between the PPP Act and the Concession Act; the PPP Act refers to the Concession Act in the field of private partner selection process.

You can download the Concession for Construction Works or Services here.

Centrum PPP is a non-profit NGO launched in 2008 by public and private entities – including: banks, law firms, consulting companies, construction firms, regional development agencies, foundations, associations, chambers and business agencies – in order to create and develop polish PPP market.

  Centrum PPP activities include
  • organizing PPP conferences, debates, seminars and meetings,
  • carrying out PPP trainings and workshops,
  • preparing PPP research, analysis and reports,
  • cooperating with public authorities (central/regional/local levels),
  • monitoring polish PPP market and running PPP projects database

Centrum PPP was founded by 41 entities including banks, law firms, consulting companies, firms, regional development agencies, foundations, associations, chambers and business agencies. Centrum PPP actively cooperates with the Polish government in the field of PPP implementation.

Amongst the main structural aims of Centrum PPP are:
  • promote PPP knowledge and the idea of PPP,
  • encourage public authorities & private companies to consider PPP,
  • develop and promote PPP good practices,
  • lobby for legislative changes improving PPP legal background,
  • create a communication platform public and private sectors.

Public-private partnership is used to carry out public functions in many countries around the world. It is increasingly difficult to find a region of the world, in which the PPP model has not been, or is not used. Over the last 14 years in 1994 - 2007 has been realized almost 1,200 contracts PPP medium for the amount of almost 290 million EURO.
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On behalf of the Ministry of Economy PPP Centre has conducted a series of training courses aimed at the control authorities (the Regional Chambers of Auditors and the Supreme Chamber of Control).
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The PPP Center has been awarded the honorable Financing Business Friendly Award. Irena Herbst – Chairman of PPP Center - received the prize at the ninth Corporate Forum in Warsaw, organized by the Polish Banks Association and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
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Centrum PPP has established PPP working groups. The main purpose of the groups is to prepare general rules on PPP implementation in particular areas of the economy.
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"Transeuropean Promotion of Public-Private Partnership" is a programme executed as part of the European programme LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovations (Lifelong Learning Programme).
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